Paul Finn, Esquire

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Commonwealth Mediation and Conciliation, Inc. (CMCI) and has served as its President and CEO since 1992.

As lead arbitrator and mediator, Mr. Finn hears approximately 300 to 400 cases per year.

Mr. Finn holds a Juris Doctor from the New England School of Law, a master’s degree in government from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Stonehill College.

Brian J. Mone, Esquire


Brian Mone is a Harvard Law School certified mediator who has successfully mediated a large number of complex, multi-party, high stakes cases, including the DelValle vs. Bechtel, et al, Big Dig tunnel collapse, the New York City Deutsche Bank building fire cases, the Springfield Diocese sexual abuse cases and the Redemptionist Church of Texas sexual abuse cases.

Sherry Kiander

Case Manager

Sherry Kiander has served as the Executive Assistant for Commonwealth Mediation and Conciliation, Inc. (CMCI) since March 2002. Ms. Kiander is the principal assistant to and scheduler for Paul Finn. She also handles bookkeeping and various administrative duties for CMCI.

Before joining CMCI, Ms. Kiander served as a Transcriptionist with Psychological Services, Inc., a forensic psychology practice in Boston.

Donna Orlando

Case Manager

Donna joined CMCI in 2007 from Mone & Hanyen, Inc. where she was also a Case Manager. She is the principal assistant to and scheduler for Brian Mone, for whom she began working 22 years ago, first as a legal secretary with Mone & Mathers, and later when the firm changed to Mone, D’Ambrose & Hanyen. She is a graduate of Massasoit College.

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